About us.
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Aerial Works S.L. was born in November 2014. Its primary goal is to operate, built and develop RPAS of less than 25 kgs . On December 2014 we gain the approval from Spanish civil aviation authority (AESA) to operate RPAS of less than 25 kgs for the following activities:

· Research and development of new RPAS types, systems and accessories.

· Filming, photography and photogrammetry. 

 · Crop spraying and fire extinction duties.

· Equipment calibration.

· Meteorological, maritime, geologic, oil and gas and archeology surveillance.

· Aerial security surveillance.

· Search and rescue duties.    


Aerial Works S.L. primary concern is safety. We operate our RPAS on a safety basis. Also all Aerial Works operationsm comply with Spanish AESA regulations (Law 18/2014), in general:

· All flights must be performed in visual line of sight of the pilot for RPAS of more than 2 kgs.

· It is not allowed to fly over cities, villages or people.

We understand that our RPAS are tools for making our clients duties more efficient, safe and affordable. That's why we build our aircraft according our clients needs.


Our multidisciplinary staff is one of our main values, because we can not only operate, but also develop RPAS, as well as we can provide training and consulting services.

We are experts in design, assembly and operation of RPAS; data treatment; aeronautical consulting and we have the approval of AESA for training and cheking proficiency of pilots.